Crow Eggs

Prompt:  It’s apple season.  Select 3 apple varieties randomly from a list of 41 and include the names, if not the apples, in a story.  Apple variety names:  Lord Lamborne, Crow Egg, Crown Prince Rudolph

Mel walked into camp carrying a satchel filled with apples.

“Pilfered produce!”

Giving the speaker a dirty look, she said, “Lord Lamborne won’t miss these.  Check them for bad spots.  I only gathered from the ground. And you, Crow, stop tossing eggs or you won’t benefit from my gleaning.

“Tch Tch.”

Kai chuckled at the blond elf’s reproachful look.

“There’s no punishment for gleaning food left behind or on the ground.  I didn’t want trouble with Lamborne’s field hands.  If you want to collect apples off the trees, be my guest.  The orchard is only a quarter mile west through the woods.

“So the apples are not truly pilfered?”

“No, but I didn’t say they were.  You assumed.”

“Ah, so we are both asses, yes?”

The blond warrior gave the elf a sidelong glance.  “Clearly you vying for that title.  I’m not sure our annoyed apple…umm…-”

“Don’t even think about saying thief.”

“No.  No, of course not.  Liberator.  You liberated those apples from rotting on the ground.”

Taina took the satchel from Mel.  “And now I will use them to make a fine treat for tonight.  We happen to have some flour, honey, nuts and that cinnamon spice.”  She grinned at Mel.  “Course it’s your recipe for crumble, but I’ll do the work.  You can decide who gets a serving.”

Mel grinned.  “Well, the fewer mouths we feed, the more for you and me.”

“You’ll deprive me of food?”  The elf writhed, miming starvation.

The stone golem snorted.  “If the painted elf does not refrain from throwing Crow Eggs I shall assume it’s a bird and squash it!”

“Ow!  You don’t eat.  Why would it matter to you?”

“I do not care about the mushy fruit.  ‘It’ is my friend.  I do not want ‘It‘ insulted, except by me.”

“Fine. Fine.  I’ll stop tossing Crow Eggs, golem.”  He smirked.  “But if I’m not assured of a portion I won’t offer my Crown Prince Rudolph brandy-”

“-for flavoring?”  Taina looked at Mel.

“Well, for a dollop of the Crown Prince and a promise to dispense with the eggs, I suppose we can guarantee a share.”  she glared at the elf.  “It’s lucky you still have that brandy.”